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Since 1993, when importation of exotic birds was banned in the U.S., domestic breeding has flourished. Animals that once were rare and costly became more obtainable, and far too many parrots were purchased as “impulse buys.” Parrots are not only beautiful and fun, they are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures. more>>

Lily's Blog

Welcome to Lily’s Blog. She will keep you up to date on activities at The Lily Sanctuary. Check back often as she shares birdie antic stories and educational tips. more>>



We are always interested in hearing from bird lovers who are considering volunteer work in this field. We prefer people with some experience and knowledge of exotic birds, especially large ones. Parrots are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. We endeavor to maintain a positive and playful environment for them more>>















We work with each potential adopter to match the perfect parrot with the perfect family. We thoroughly interview adopters, guide them through the process, conduct home visits and provide basic parrot care education to assure that each adoption is a success story. more>>


Our educational program encourages potential parrot adopters to seek a bird that needs to be rehomed before considering purchasing from pet shops that specialize in exotic birds. With a life span nearly as long as a human, adopting a parrot is a huge commitment. Adopting a parrot from The Lily Sanctuary is one of the best ways to help parrots survive and thrive. more>>