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Dan & Venette
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It all started in 1989 when Dan Hill wanted a pet bird. His wife, Venette, agreed and they headed out to find the perfect parrot. Dan picked out his favorite bird, a macaw, but Venette picked a different bird, a cockatoo. So, they got both! Quickly, Lucy and Lily stole their hearts.

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What Makes Us Unique?

We are the only sanctuary that provides an in-home envi­ronment. We are not a shelter, we are truly a home. Our parrots experience normal activities, sounds, and interaction that they would find in their new home. This results in less stress on the birds. The flock experience greatly benefits them to readjust­ from past issues. They learn from each other and rediscover joy and playfulness.


The Lily Sanctuary

Over the years, the Hills’ gained a lot of experience caring for these exotic species. In 20+ years of rescuing birds, they have saved hundreds from abuse, neglect and near death. In 2004, the Hills’ formed a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for “special needs” and homeless parrots.

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What We Do

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and adopt out parrots to qualified new families. We do not buy, sell or breed. We’ve got great birds that are looking for new homes.

Why a Parrot Rescue?

Many prospective owners don’t realize that parrots are high-maintenance animals, or that their life expectancy can average 30-80 years, depending on the species. The commitment is enormous. When owners can no longer care for their parrot they come to us to help re-home.

Under the best of circumstances, it is a heartbreaking decision that can cause a beloved avian companion to face an uncertain future. Parrots may arrive having suffered with health problems, stress, neglect or abuse.

Placing parrots with a qualified, reputable rescue sanctuary, whose only interest is the bird’s welfare, is the humane choice. Special needs parrots often remain at the sanctuary for life. Others are stabilized and offered for adoption.

What Can You Do?

There are so many ways you can become involved to help us. We need you, the parrots need you. Please take a few moments to navigate throughout our website to learn about our many activities. Learn about parrots in our education section. Help us by volunteering. Join us at an outreach or fundraising event. Shop in our online store or join one of our many charity shopping partner programs. Sponsor an adoptee or resident parrot. Visit Lily’s blog on our home page. She will keep you informed of our latest activities as well as share tips about parrot behavior. Like our Facebook page where we share photos, videos and postings.

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Vennette Hill with Wally

Venette Hill with Wally

Dan Hill with A.J.

Dan Hill with A.J.