Resource Links

Dr. Susan Friedman’s home website. She is a parrot owner and behavioral psychologist, dedicated to help us understand our companion parrots.http

Barbara Heidenreich’s link to easy to understand help with parrot behaviors, positive and negative, and how to help you and your bird be happy.

World Parrot Trust website. So much information on parrots.

A free, wonderful PDF booklet for all parrot owners on how to keep your bird busy and happy!

Conservation and education on parrot behaviors and how we can be better educated on our parrot’s behaviors in the home.

Loretta and Eric’s website on the wild parrot populations of Southern California. Beautiful photography, wonderful records and details about the parrots who fly above us here.

“First Seven Days in A New Home.”

Great educational info for the parrot owner from a UK parrot rescue site.

Amazing education section on all types of parrot behavior, care and more!

Check out Donna Garrou’s newsletter filled with important, up to date, veterinary approved information about our parrots and the latest, most up to date information we can benefit from.

Great safety and care articles.

Great resource for educational DVDS and articles by Dr. Scot Echols. and

Lost parrot alerts posted on FB