We have taken in many ‘special needs’ parrots over the years. With all of them, we constantly endeavor to find creative solutions to minimize stress and discomfort. We are not a ‘shelter.’ Instead we provide an in-home environment. Special needs parrots often remain at the sanctuary for life. Others are stabilized and offered for adoption. How can you help? Sponsorship is a great way to help us provide medicine and surgery for these special needs parrots. Sponsor Me!>>

Pinky Lily
Pinky, a Moluccan cockatoo, came to us nearly naked with a large wound on her chest from self-mutilating.  We worked with her behavior until we felt she could handle surgery, which occurred in 2011.  She adapted to her new sweater wardrobe that covered her tummy and a neck collar to keep her from picking again. She learned to step up for cuddles and even ventured to an outdoor aviary to enjoy the sunshine. Pinky never missed a chance to get her head stroked. We lost her in 2012. She survived 21+ years and will remain in our hearts forever. Sponsor Me!>> Lily, an Umbrella cockatoo, is our namesake parrot. She was diagnosed with pbfd as a baby. We adopted her and worked with an amazingly creative vet who supplied us with interferon. We lost her in 2011. She survived 21 years and will remain in our hearts forever. Sponsor Me!>>
Tara Chelsea
Tara, is a 21 year old Congo African Grey. He lost a foot during a medical procedure and was scheduled for euthanasia. Instead, he came to the sanctuary and is happy and healthy. His cage has been adapted with soft perches,  easy climbing and access to food dishes. Sponsor Me!>> Chelsea, an 12 year old Goffins cockatoo, is a mutilator/ plucker who had surgery three times on her severe wounds. She was also a candidate for euthanasia who found her way here instead.  She wore her collar for 5 years until recently. Her beautiful new feathers are growing back in and her collar has been removed. Sponsor Me!>>
Popeye Indy
Popeye, a Yellow-Naped Amazon,  came to the sanctuary 11 years ago with missing toes on both feet and a beak encrusted with years of rotting dead layers. He has been known as a biter although he loves to talk in an endearing voice. He also loves to escape from his cage and lie in wait for Venette. She calls him the Sweet Talkin’ Flesh Eater.  Popeye is 41+. Sponsor Me!>> Indigo ‘Indy’ literally ‘died’ in Venette’s arms from aspergillosis in the middle of the night. She came back and we treated her for two years to complete recovery, during that time she was diagnosed with serious cataracts and is nearly blind. Indy is a blue & gold macaw, now 21 years old. Sponsor Me!>>
Tiki Ms. Bogie
Tiki is a greater sulfur-crested cockatoo, raised in his native Australia by a family who eventually brought him to the US. He is a sanctuary ambassador, attending events and wowing the crowds with his size, beauty and sweet personality. Tiki is an enormous, 35-year old love marshmallow. Tiki loves lots of toys and boxes to chew. Sponsor Me!>> Ms. Bogie, formerly MacBogie, is a stunning calico macaw (a hybrid of greenwing and military macaw parents) with a very mellow temperament.  Another ambassador, she will pose for hours with kids–and even Cap’n Jack Sparrow–at our photo events. Normally a perch potato, Ms. B has been spotted singing and dancing in her outdoor aviary. When confronted, she denies all of it. Ms. B is 23. Sponsor Me!>>
Wally Kona
Wally is a scarlet macaw with the well-known full-color attitude of his species. He is breathtaking to behold and hilarious to hang out with. Wally’s owner had to keep him at her factory, which was not the best for him; she brought him from San Francisco with the agreement that we would provide lifetime sanctuary.  He’s a trickster and laughs when he fools you, sings and talks all day long.  Wally is 13. Sponsor Me!>> Kona is a blue & gold macaw who lost her privileged home because of a family suicide and ended up in the back room of a pet store. She pulled out most of her feathers from stress and permanently damaged the follicles. Kona is an amazing talker–she taught all the macaws to shout “Venette,” which they do throughout the day—followed by laughter.  She is “special needs” because of a medical condition. Kona is 32. Sponsor Me!>>
Alfie Huey
Alfie is a rose-breasted cockatoo, a species very dear in the US but treated like pests in Australia. Alfie freaked during the 1994 earthquake and tore out her chest and back feathers. They have not grown back. She was distraught when her human daddy passed away, but placement at the sanctuary brought new love—Venette. If she ever gives her heart to another, adoption will be considered.  Alfie is 25. Sponsor Me!>> Huey aka Baby Huey is a strapping male cascade, or mo-brella cockatoo (umbrella and moluccan).  He is Lily’s baby, his dad was a moluccan rescued from the Bird Mart. The sanctuary does not advocate breeding, but this was an accident that snuck up and surprised us. Huey was raised from an egg, but turned into a lunatic at age 2 and became rather dangerous to handle. He could leap tall buildings in 3 seconds flat. He is at last transforming into a beautiful soul to match his outer beauty.  Huey is 15. Sponsor Me!>>